Ainesis Dear Dancer 3-4: Your health comes first and create your own circle

Ainesis Dear Dancer 3-4: Your health comes first and create your own circle

Through the month of June to July, Ainesis will be sharing insights on how to live healthy and enhance  effectiveness as a dancer.

Knowledge is power.
Ignorance is a disease.
Join them this month and feel free to ask questions too.

If you are a dance enthusiast, seize this opportunity to share this to all the dancers in your circle. Watch the highlights below and get the first two lessons as well.

Lesson 3: your health comes first

Your body needs ‘Maintenance’ for all the work it does and how hard it trains. Do not ‘manage’ any symptoms. A symptom is an indication that you need to get your bodies checked and not managed. The ‘KNOW YOUR NUMBERS ‘ slide is a series of tests you should do for your heart’s health every two years; to know if you have a normal blood pressure. Dear Dancer, your health always comes first!

Lesson 4: Create your circle of influence

People go through down times in life and this affects not just their mental wellbeing but their health and productivity in general. Having the ‘right kind of people’ provides the right kind of support needed, and this can help you through the process of hard times. And probably even saves you from making decisions that would put you in harm’s way. Would you say you have the right kind of friends or influencers in your circle? If you do not, be deliberate today and invest in relationships that make you better and not bitter! Dear dancer, your health always comes first!

Get more information about Ainesis’ Dear Dancer Project here. Catch lessons 1-2 here.

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