BlankPaperz Media is a registered and encouraging (online and offline) platform that supports young writers, artivists and those interested in advocacy work. We like to encourage them to use their writings, digital media (videos, pictures, blogging, etc.), storytelling and community projects to address / lend their voices to diverse societal issues that affect them. Today, BlankPaperz is a growing community of young writers and others interested in social good across Africa, majorly from Nigeria and across West Africa. 

We also love to profile loads of youths and amplify their stories and projects so more people can get to know about them! 

On our  website and social media pages: We collect stories, publish and share a wide range of topics (from over 170+ amazing contributing writers), ranging from personal stories about struggles to captivating memoirs, the corruption in countries, interviews of young African Changemakers, sad stories of rape, and so much more! We are concerned with the matters and many important topics that African youths and writers want to address. 

Offline: We enjoy collaborating and partnering with others to hold book giveaways, organize writers and bloggers meet, masterclasses on personal development, storytelling, social media maximization classes, communication trainings and more. We act as media partners to literary and youth inclined events, and we also look forward to providing more growth resources for writers and other youths.

Also learn about GC Fund, which was created to support the education-based needs of individuals and organizations. These education-based needs can be in terms of tuition fees, training or educational programmes (including art-based events), school uniforms, study texts, materials or feeding to keep a student or pupil healthy. SDGs represented are: SDG 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing), SDG 4 (Quality Education), SDG 5 (Gender Equality), SDG 17 (Partnership for the Goals)


BlankPaperz Communications Workshop
Communications Workshop
Writers Workshop for Teens at NICO Secondary School
Session with Teens at St. Annes' High School with James Okina
Talking about storytelling and vulnerability at Ashoka ChangemakerXchange, Dakar
A-Writers Masterclass
Representing BlankPaperz at the Impact Africa Summit in South Africa
Sharing the vision of BlankPaperz at the Just Peace Summit, New York
When Bloggers and writers meet
Share-it-Session on Social Media Maximization in Calabar
Presenting a book to Philip as the Young Writer of the Month