They say this day was made to spread love to those we love

Made for those special people who held the capsules of our heart in their medicated hands

But it’s a bit awful that mankind misinterprets love as juice berries hung in skirts and skinny jeans chased by eyes of lust and destruction

And the world neglects the emotionally bankrupt who seek for this love daily but never receive it

So I chose not to misplace my wishes this time

And to whom it may concern

I refuse to compress my love into a vase of 24hrs per year

Like feb14 is the only day HE showed me love

Like that was the only day HE washed my sins in the pool of mercy

For HIS love is endless as an ocean

Flowing deep into the banks of the over shore

So my wishes go to the orphans

The emotionally starved and love sick

To Mothers home and Diaspora

To the street children whose future are often shot by the snipers of unavoidable circumstances

To the ju men

Who refuse to succumb to societal pressure of being align to its ignoble customs

To Mother Mary

The girl I wish for every modern day beauty to become

To Joseph

The boy I pray to duplicate in the paper hearts of these boys


To my parents

To truthful lecturers, still living with the sanity and hope of a better education system

To NGO’S striving to make life easy for the despondent

To those who have made homes out of hospitals

Laid bed ridden with eyes that forget the warmth of daylight

To granny’s

To my soldiers at the warfront

To rape victims

To those making a living through honest means

To all those who scream in the silence

To friends and families

To the women who mother me without even realizing it

Whenever you feel debased, demoralized and battered

Remember there’s a brother at the end of line who sees your struggle

And is with you all the way

You all deserve this ceramic love of mine


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