More about the #DearDancer Project

More about the #DearDancer Project

[After his sad demise],” Esta Richard Etim, creative director of Ainesis narrates about a young dancer who lost his life and how the #DearDancer project was inspired.

We decided to do something about it rather than mourn, wipe our tears afterwards and possibly get over his death in a couple of months. This gave birth to the Dear Dancer Project. The Dear Dancer project is aimed at pointing dancers towards preventive and alternative medicine, including imbibing an overall healthy lifestyle. Because dancers train hard and burn calories constantly, they tend to pay less attention to their food, rest and lifestyle in general. They even sometimes tend to misconstrue being physically fit for being healthy. The emphasis of the project is to shed light on the many possible grey areas on health and fitness especially as pertaining to dancers because of their constant physical activity, and to encourage them to be more deliberate in their choices, even down to their circle of influence (relationships). The project started 25th May and ends July 27th. 

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