What if…

What if time were the new currency

What if any and everything were controlled by the tendencies of past, present and future

What if tick-tock became the new exchange rate?

What if your life were radar etched on the folds of your wrist

And you could virtually watch your life melt away like candle wax

Knowing that every tick-tock of the clock was a walk off luck and you were steps away from being coffin locked

What would you do?

If oblivion waved a smile across to you

What would you change if you had seconds starring at the sun stunned face of yours?

Would you right your wrongs?

Or let them multiply like the figures of a Nigerian politician in a Swiss bank account

Would you stop wasting time in the bid of trying to save it?

Would you make the most of it by not trying to redeem or reclaim it?

By not counting it but making it count

The time is ticking

And day by day our 12 is approaching

Make use of yours before the orbit reaches terminus

Live like your lifeline bar was beeping red and they was no hope for a recharge

Maybe then you’d manage your lifeline better

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