Press Release For Connect Conference 2019

Press Release For Connect Conference 2019
Secondary School Students at YPC

“YPC launches her Virtual University Platform Project (VUPP) to engage and equip 50,000 young undergraduates, graduates, entrepreneurs and enthusiastic fellows with creative digital skills, high demand 21st century market place tools, employability and innovative recycling skills.”


Vision: To be the leading community of young people connecting to solve societal and educational problems.

Mission: To inspire young people, engage and create a platform to build skills and professionalism.

What’s the Connect Conference for 2019 About?

Connect Conference is one of the greatest experiences every young person wants to have. It’s an unforgettable moment for the team, volunteers, our partners and our amazing audience.

This is always a moment we see smiles on the faces of our young people who believe in themselves again, lives transformed, a moment when the average scholar is shaped and transformed into into a high class scholar.

Education will bring such an experience if the right system, structure and learning environment is created. Our dream is to witness that day when our educational walls will be raised again to the standard that quality education will be the code.

We are mission driven, we don’t seek anything else than these. Until we reach our goal, we will not quite to press forward.

We have become selfless in our pursuit, we have chosen skill versus school, we have chosen to connect with you.

Globally, systems are created, methods discovered, research financed, innovation and ideas incubated yet one problem persist. Lack of skill to implement these systems created. Our school system is fast decaying with the consistent methods that haven proven to be outdated and backdated. Education has gone out of the four walls of our tertiary institution, our society is fast growing with educated yet unemployed youth, unemployable youths, some who have skills and others with no idea what that word means.

We now have tutors with unapplied knowledge, professors with theories without real time solution to problems, we hear of jobs but no employment, we hear of employment but no competent hands to fill the gap.

Young People Connect (YPC) through her conferences, trainings, seminars, online mentoring and campaigns hopes to bridge the gap with quality education, skill acquisition and job creations. Working with SDG’s 2030, YPC will influence our tertiary institutions to update her syllabus, provide quality education without bias/gender.

In 2018, we succeeded to foster education by engaging youths with skills but in 2019 the between skill and school beneficiary must be fully equipped with knowledge with knowledge, practices, opportunities and a world to explore these possibilities.

Aim Of Conference:

1. To inspire, educate and cause a mind shift in young undergraduates, graduates, corp members and unemployed youths on the need and possibility of having a skill added to their graduate or professional status.

YPC Volunteers and YPC Lead, Joseph Joseph (Middle)

2. To balance the skill and school debate and help our audience understand how to succeed in their career pursuit.

3. To provide a networking platform for young people of like minds to build a synergy that will help to advance their career and drive a positive change in the society.

4. To help our participants discover and maximize opportunities available to undergraduates and graduates.

5. To link up young people to skill acquisition trainings, internship and employment opportunities.

6. To provide information to our participants about workshops and conferences and trainings that can help them develop their skills, talents and gifts.

7. To reduce the number of unskillful young people, school dropout and increase employable young people.

8. To prepare young people for the future of Jobs through creative knowledge and applied skill acquisition.

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