I know boys who are trying to blend into the social norm
Like squeezing to fit into their skinny jeans
I know boys who are low self esteemed,less dignity and alcoholically obsessed
I know boys that ponder if they’re handsome and six packed enough to suit in
I know boys who are fleeing arrows fro. the bows of their skin
Playing sports with grim;it’s never easy to accept that our bodies are defective and faultful
But when do we draw the line?
When the ink hits our skin
Isn’t it the same thing as dying
Because we’re so obsessed with fashion and style
Some men just have more guts than others

The funny thing is men like us don’t slay
Belts below the waist,still wanting to be macho at the morgue
Still proceeding to ink in tattoos
Still praying that the mortician finds us sultry and appealing
We might as well be buried with our phones,gold chains and expensive foot wears,boys
We tease death every time we exhale smoke from our lungs
I know how to reveal my chest to crack open a warfront too
But the time has emerged for us to retrieve our bodies

Our bodies deserve more than to be brothels and sex guarantors
Offering this sodomy as a deplorable way to say
“I only know how to exist when she wants me”

Boys like us are hardly ever wanted,you know
We’re used up and broken and intoxicated and constantly waiting by the phone for someone to pick up and tell us that we did good
Well,you did good
(I know i am because i said,”i am”
my body is home)
Try this
Take your hands over your jumpy love skin empty
And reminisce the first time you had a pure sense of existence
With the sole aim of living right
Touched by the arms of decency because the light of mercy was pretty much on you
And the song of the stars became your heart’s Number1 on it’s playlist
Mirror yourself with a purpose
Your body is the most precious piece
Trends and girls are not claiming your worth anymore
They’re not why you exist,no
Put the essence back
Retrieve your map for you have lost footing
I once touched a tree with burnt feet
The stump still had breathe
But the tops were just ashy debris
I wonder what it’s like to come back from that because
Because often times i feel wood burn escape from my chest
And the ash semaphores sent out are the most gorgeous things I’ve laid eyes upon

Love your body the way your maker loves your soul
And fragile limbs saved in the shelves of time
See this is important
You are worth more than who you are
Worth more than a rubber
Worth more than beer bottles showcased like broken sculptures
You are worth more than any naked body could yearn foe in the dark
More than a woman’s whim or your father’s mistake
You are no less valuable as a size XL than a size L
No less valuable as a T-shirt than a polo
Your Sexiness is defined by positive purpose within your spine
It is wisdom
You are a living tree stump with leaves spreading out


Photo credit: IG – nickson_254

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