A Giving Man

A Giving Man

A giving man, Blankpaperz

A Giving Man is a Winning Man

An open palm Attracts God’s Hand

A giving man put smiles on Many Faces

That’s why He gets Favours From Home and Oversees

He gives out, He doesn’t Hold back

Ever Heard of, ‘Giver Never Lack?

His thoughts are towards them that have Nothing

And after Him, Blessings come Hunting

Giving is not a spiritual gift, it’s an attitude you should develop

If God didn’t give His Son, I wonder how we’d cope

The claws of the Law would have torn us Raw

Behind closed doors, life wouldn’t worth much living for

Now giving come in many ways
And it’s a principle you can Bank on – Always!

It comes in the form of offering ,caring,
Sharing, even loving.

However I want to talk about
When you pay your tithe
You shine like the light
You’ll chew more than you can bite
You’ll have no cause to fight
You’ll be friends with God, tight
You put devourers in a corner, tight
We don’t live for an earning, we live for a giving
We Live for a Giving and
We give for a living.

By Bentem, Josef

Josef bentem

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