Yinde Elizabeth surviving covid-19

My perception of life changed at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. I realized how fragile and short life is. We could be here for a second and gone in a minute. We can lose everything we’ve worked for all our lives just with one mistake.

At the start of this pandemic, my boss asked my teammates and I if we could stay for just two weeks at home [and] we were excited. The two weeks came and went, but no news came. I sent an email to my boss for an update and after three weeks he sent a mail regretting to inform me that I could not start work because of the situation at the moment and that he needed just three employees.

I had a lot on my mind. Was I not good enough? At this point, my self-confidence was lost. I became sad, mentally unstable, emotionally traumatized. For a job I gave in three years of my life to, I was kicked out in a minute and the worst of it all was, I could not afford three square meals a day. I was working but not saving; spending money on drinks, clothes and the rest [went to] maintaining social distancing. The fact I have to stay at home all day, visit no one [makes me wonder] how possible it would be for me to get a new job. 

With all this going on around the world I decided to start loving more, not judging anyone but encouraging them to live in a way that they will be happy. 

Life is a dream fellow comrades, stay true to yourself and everyone around you, live in the moment and try to avoid any drama especially negativity, work on your dreams [for] you might just be busy working on someone’s dream and then, you get kicked out for no reason.

Yinde Elizabeth is my name. I am an energetic, positive experienced young lady working as an office administrator in the United Arab Emirates. My main goal in life is to create a lasting legacy to my society. I am passionate about helping young ladies become better versions of themselves and for them to realize that their voices have to be heard in the society, and for them to know they can equally become their own bosses.

Find Elizabeth on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn with the name:  Yinde Elizabeth.

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