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Welcome to the submission page

BlankPaperz Media is a registered and award winning platform that supports and gives voice to youths, especially young writers, who are using their writings and storytelling to address important societal issues that affect them. Today, BlankPaperz is a vibrant community of youths across Africa.

We also like to feature loads of youths and amplify their stories and social projects. 

We know…

You’re super excited to get your voice out there and before getting ahead, here’s a helpful list of things we’re definitely not looking for. Please check this list and make sure your submission does not fall into any of these.

  • Do not submit academic or formal essays.
  • Do not submit religious articles.
  • Do not submit poems.
  • Edit your work properly. Check for punctuation, structural, tense and grammatical errors as submissions not properly edited will not be published.
  • Do not submit racist, sexist, violent, defamatory, abusive, accusatory, tribalistic, xenophobic, profane or hateful articles about a group of persons, country, religion or movement.
  • Avoid making generalizations in your submissions. Be sure of what you write. Always confirm your facts.
  • No mass propaganda will be accepted for online publication.
  • Your submission must be your original work, written by you and NOT someone else.
  • Do not submit posts shorter than 200 words and longer than 1,000 words.
  • Do not submit images that you do not have the rights to use! Only use photos that you shot yourself or belong to you. If you use images from the internet, make sure that you have the permission to use them and credit the owner.

Making Submissions

Your submission MUST be tailored around an important (even though unpopular) social issue or around an SDG. BlankPaperz covers a range of topics, from personal stories about struggles to captivating memoirs, the corruption in countries, interviews of young African Changemakers, sad stories of rape, girls being outside school, opinions about family life in Nigeria, unheard stories that need to be told, peacebuilding solutions and other important social issues.


To submit your work, send a 100-200-word pitch to Your pitch should:

  • Introduce your story or article idea and define your stance. In other words, tell us what you want to write about and explain your point of view.
  • Explain how your story idea fits into BlankPaperz requirements of addressing a social issue. Your submission should be unique, important and relevant. The most important thing when developing your idea is to figure out why young people reading the article should care about what you’re writing about. Therefore ask yourself: “What’s interesting about this? What am I adding to the conversation that’s not already out there?”
  • Include your email address. And you can also send links to other works you’ve written to demonstrate your experience.
  • DO NOT submit your entire work until you have been asked to. Submission of your entire work WILL NOT be accepted. It will be automatically disapproved.
  • Our editors will go through your pitch and get back to you.

Thanks so much for your interest! We really look forward to reading your work and sharing it with the community.

Pitch Examples

Dear BlankPaperz,

I’m very much disturbed by the rate at which young people are becoming anti-formal education. It is disturbing to note that many of them have fantasies that they can succeed in our big world without any formal education, and they keep making references to people such as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and the likes. I would like to write an opinion piece for BlankPaperz on the importance of education, whether it is gotten in a formal institution or outside of it. It is true that many governments have failed in their responsibilities in the educational sector. The Nigerians complain of incessant university ASUU strikes and Senegalese complain of some unaccredited higher institutions. However, one must never forget that the so called dropouts such as Zuckerberg and Gates were educated and talented, and their education stemmed from self-education and even the knowledge they got from high school, and they have continued to educate their minds and hearts.

I wish there were more positive role models to show youth that they don’t have to throw away education and look towards other get-rich-quick schemes. As a student in the system myself, I understand the horrors and inadequacies we face in school, but I hope my perspective can change some minds.

If my pitch is accepted, I can submit a draft by the end of next week.

Thank you,

Magnus Bah

Hello BlankPaperz,

I would like to send in a story about my personal experiences while traveling across Nigeria. My creative non-fiction would be a powerful one as it comes with many of my experiences and even has a few excerpts from people whom I interviewed on the way.

This mightn’t be the typical pitch, but I’m really thrilled about publishing this here because I think it would be amazing for readers, especially young Nigerians to walk in my shoes and learn new things about the cultures of other places in Nigeria. You never know, as this could foster a longing for them to travel, or solve some of the other social issues I would address in my story.

My story is typically about 1,000 words long and as a perk, if my pitch is accepted I will also submit high quality pictures as well as links to videos I personally recorded during my adventurous trip.

I look forward to having your reply.


Ife Ajayi