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Editing Package (ALL IN ONE)

  • Structural editing: Typographical, grammatical, syntactical and all other errors don’t make readers happy. We can correct small but mighty errors such as errors in spellings, tense structures, punctuation marks, paragraph structures, capitalization, typos, subject-verb agreement, etc.
  • Line-by-line editing: Every single line matters and there has to be coherence, organization, clarity and meaning so your entire work can resonate with your readers, thus getting your message across to them.
  • Important suggestions: Because you’ve asked us to be your new set of eyes, you’ll receive necessary suggestions and comments on how to improve your style, structure as well as what to add or what to consider taking off from your manuscript. This improves your overall work.
  • Tracked revisions: After completion of the editorial process, you will receive two manuscripts, one with the clean edits, and the second with the trackable edits and suggestions made to your document.
  • BONUS OFFER: We will offer you ONE revision if there’s an idea or structure you want us to take a look at in your edited manuscript, once again.

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