Edit Your Manuscript

‘What an old woman can see whilst sitting, the young man cannot see even if he climbs the tallest palm tree.’

– African Proverb

Many times as Editors, we can see farther than the normal eyes can see. We can tell you what’s wrong, what doesn’t feel right, help you correct many terrible errors, put you on the right track and give you better suggestions to make everything ‘feel alright!’ 

Would you like us to act as your new set of eyes? We want to help you tell your story flawlessly, pass across your message beautifully and ‘smash’ your goals by returning your desired and well edited manuscript, back to you.

We also understand the need to remain professional, protect your privacy, maintain your style, voice, deliver on time and most importantly, understand your needs.

Editing Package (All in One)

  • Structural editing: Typographical, grammatical, syntactical and all other errors don’t make readers happy. We can correct small but mighty errors such as errors in spellings, tense structures, punctuation marks, paragraph structures, capitalization, typos, subject-verb agreement, etc.
  • Line-by-line editing: Every single line matters and there has to be coherence, organization, clarity and meaning so your entire work can resonate with your readers, thus getting your message across to them.
  • Important suggestions: Because you’ve asked us to be your new set of eyes, you’ll receive necessary suggestions and comments on how to improve your style, structure as well as what to add or what to consider taking off from your manuscript. This improves your overall work.
  • Tracked revisions: After completion of the editorial process, you will receive two manuscripts, one with the clean edits, and the second with the trackable edits and suggestions made to your document.
  • BONUS OFFER: We will offer you ONE revision if there’s an idea or structure you want us to take a look at in your edited manuscript, once again.


What kind of manuscript/draft should I send in?

– Non-fictional works (memoirs, autobiographies and biographies, self-help books, articles, magazines, etc.)
– Fictional works (short stories, novels, novellas.)

What kind of file should I send in? 

Send in your document as a word document, either M.S Word or Doc file. If you send in PDF, we can make corrections by commenting and highlighting areas.

How long will it take to edit my manuscript and what does it cost?

It depends on how many words you have in total. Check below to request a quote.

How do I get my get back my manuscript/draft?

After sending in your manuscript for editing, it will be sent back to you within the allotted timeframe as stated in your quote. You will receive two documents, one with the clean edits, and the second with trackable edits and suggestions made to your document. Please note that you will receive them both as Microsoft Word documents.

What are my payment options?

Pay 100% upfront payment after quote has been sent to you. (Check below to request for a quote.)

 – First installment: 50% upfront payment before work commences on your manuscript.

Second installment: 50% payment after your manuscript has been edited.

Kindly note that your complete manuscript will only be sent to you after you complete your full payment.

Got any more questions?

Send a mail to admin@blankpaperz.com